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Authors: Hamender Kumar Aggarwal, Rahul Chhibber, Navneet Arora, Rajeev Mehta
Chapter 2: Materials Processing
Abstract:In this paper the effect of thermal fatigue on mechanical behaviour of the heat affected zone on ferritic side of bimetallic weld was...
Authors: Nasri A. Hamid, Zaahidah Atiqah Mohiju, Nor Faizah Jamal, Yusof Abdullah
Chapter 2: Materials Processing
Abstract:The effect of low doses of gamma and electron irradiation on mechanical strength of Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8...
Authors: Subramanya Prabhu, Arun Kumar Shettigar, Karthik Rao, Shrikantha Rao, Mervin Herbert
Chapter 2: Materials Processing
Abstract:In this study, the effect of process parameters on microstructure and mechanical properties of friction stir welded aluminium matrix...
Authors: Lydia Chan, Islam Shyha, Dale Dryer, John Hamilton
Chapter 2: Materials Processing
Abstract:Weld Overlay Cladding (WOC) shares the same scientific principals as conventional welding where there are multiple governing factors that...
Authors: K. Jagannath, Sathya Shankar Sharma, P.R. Prabhu, Shankar M.C. Gowri, S.R. Harisha
Chapter 2: Materials Processing
Abstract:In the present work improvement in mechanical properties due to the presence of silicon oxide (SiO2) reinforced particles with an...
Authors: Noorzahan Begum, Norsaffirah, Nur Khuzaima, Md. Fazlul Bari, Shekh Rezan
Chapter 2: Materials Processing
Abstract:Processing of Langkawi black sand for the recovery of metals had been carried out in this study. The samples were characterized after sieve...
Authors: Ernie Suzana Ali, Azwani Sofia Ahmad Khiar, Syazana Ahmad Zubir, Zul Afiq Zaim Zulkeple
Chapter 3: Research and Testing of Materials
Abstract:Biobased shape memory polyurethane filled with carbon nanotubes (CNT) were prepared using two step polymerization process. The bio based...
Authors: Ming Yee Tan, Hoo Tien Nicholas Kuan, Amir Azam Khan
Chapter 3: Research and Testing of Materials
Abstract:This paper presents composite of oxo-biodegradable high density polyethylene (oxo-HDPE) and ground coffee waste (GCW). The blends were...
Authors: Vahid Tahouneh
Chapter 3: Research and Testing of Materials
Abstract:This paper is motivated by the lack of studies in the technical literature concerning to the three dimensional vibration analysis of thick...
Authors: Aluru Praveen Sekhar, Supriya Nandy, Kalyan Kumar Ray, Debdulal Das
Chapter 3: Research and Testing of Materials
Abstract:This report presents a comparative assessment of the suitability of two existing physical models for predicting yield strength of...
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