The 59th Brazilian Ceramic Conference

Volume 881

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Antonio Carlos Silva Costa, A.P.S. Peres, A.C. Lima, C.P. Bergmann, Wilson Acchar

Abstract: Lanthanum chromite (LaCrO3) has been considered a promissing candidate for use as interconnect materials for solid oxide fuel...

Authors: Patrícia Mendonça Pimentel, Kaique Matheus Barbosa Ferreira, Danielle Karinne Souza Gomes, Asenete Frutuoso Costa, Dulce Maria de Araújo Melo, Rosane Maria Pessoa Betânio Oliveira

Abstract: Lanthanum chromite is a perovskite oxide type, which exhibit high mechanical and chemical stability, high electric conductivity for use in...

Authors: Raphael Cons Andrades, Antônio Hortêncio Munhoz Jr., Leila Figueiredo de Miranda

Abstract: The aim of this work was to synthesize eight samples of pseudoboehmite obtained by the sol-gel process under different conditions in a two...

Authors: Eduardo Felipe de Carli, Maycon dos Santos, Natali Amarante da Cruz, Daniela Cristina Manfroi, Jusinei Meireles Stropa, Lincoln Carlos Silva de Oliveira, Maria Aparecida Zaghete, Alberto Adriano Cavalheiro

Abstract: The titanium dioxide phase formation is dependent on the synthesis method, temperature of calcination and modifiers insertion. By using...

Authors: André Silva Chaves, Maria Virginia Gelfuso, Daniel Thomazini

Abstract: Alternative synthesis routes to obtain ceramics with advanced electronics applications have been investigated to improve the properties of...

Authors: Agatha Matos Misso, Hermi F. Brito, Lucas C.V. Rodrigues, Vinicius R. Morais, Chieko Yamagata

Abstract: Rare earth silicate based MnMgSi2O5+n (M = Ca, Sr or Ba and n=1-2) phosphors, have attracted interest of...

Authors: Franciele Oliveira Costa, Carla Gabriela Azevedo Misael, André Miranda da Silva, Bianca Viana de Sousa

Abstract: The mesoporous silica SBA-15 molecular sieve has been widely studied due to its unidirectional mesoporous structure, its high average pore...

Authors: Caroline Vasconcelos Fernandes, Vitória de Andrade Freire, Bianca Viana de Sousa

Abstract: MCM-22 is a microporous molecular sieve with a system of sinusoidal three-dimensional channels that do not interconnect themselves, which...

Authors: Humberto Naoyuki Yoshimura, Maurício Batista de Lima, Sydney Ferreira Santos, Fernando dos Santos Ortega

Abstract: Milling and hydrothermal treatment of alumina powders in aqueous medium can result in surface transformations generating aluminum...


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