Laser Micro Welding of Dissimilar Material of Aluminum and Copper Alloys


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Copper and aluminum are widely used in electronic industries for their excellence in electric and thermal conductivity. Joining these different material in scale of micro is hardly difficult for their obvious different in thermal properties. Melting these materials during welding process will create intermetallic compound which possesses new material properties. The melted zone became extremely brittle thus increase the possibility of failure due to cracks and concentrated loads. To overcome this problem, fundamental study is needed to characterize the material behavior against heat induction under various processing parameters. This study is an attempt to characterize the performance of Nd-YAG laser in micro joining of Al 1100 and Cu 101.



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Sujan Debnath




Z. Mohid et al., "Laser Micro Welding of Dissimilar Material of Aluminum and Copper Alloys", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 882, pp. 18-22, 2017

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January 2017




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