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Authors: Sadia Tasnim Mowri, Quazi Delowar Hossain, M.A. Gafur, Aninda Nafis Ahmed, Muhammad Shahriar Bashar
Chapter 1: Materials Properties
Abstract:(Bi2O3Fe2O3)0.8(Nb2O5)0.2 was synthesized by solid...
Authors: Atirat Maksuwan
Chapter 1: Materials Properties
Abstract:In 1985, H.A. Janssen studied the structure of the forces inside a silo filled with granular materials, so-called Janssen’s Effect Method...
Authors: Jun Tao Li
Chapter 1: Materials Properties
Abstract:In the paper a new permeability model based on matchstick model accounting for stress change and matrix shrinkage and swelling caused by gas...
Authors: Takuya Hasegawa, Kenji Toda, Tadashi Ishigaki, Shinnosuke Kamei, Sun Woog Kim, Kazuyoshi Uematsu, Mineo Sato, Msahiro Yoshimura
Chapter 1: Materials Properties
Abstract:Well-grown M3MgSi2O8 (M = Ca, Sr and Ba):Eu2+ phosphors were synthesized by novel melt...
Authors: Suparut Narksitipan
Chapter 1: Materials Properties
Abstract:In this research, zinc oxide (ZnO) films were prepared by thermal evaporation method at temperature between 400-600°C for 60 min. Then, ZnO...
Authors: Nittaya Jaitanong, Hua Rong Zeng, Guo Rong Li, Qing Rui Yin, Arnon Chaipanich
Chapter 1: Materials Properties
Abstract:The aims of present study were investigated the effect of nickel doping on the dielectric and piezoelectric properties of P(BN)ZT solid...
Authors: Abdelouahid El Amri, M. El Yakhloufi Haddou, Abdelaltif Khamlichi
Chapter 1: Materials Properties
Abstract:Fatigue failures occur due to the application of fluctuating stresses that are much lower than the stress required to cause failure during a...
Authors: Nuta Supakata, Pilaiporn Prachapadoong, Phathhanan Chaisupharut, Seksan Papong
Chapter 1: Materials Properties
Abstract:The laboratory-scale study was conducted to assess the feasibility of using dredged sediments with waste glasses to produce facing bricks....
Authors: Miroslav Müller, Petr Valášek
Chapter 1: Materials Properties
Abstract:Polymers rank among a significant group of technical materials. One of requirements for this constructional material is to have enough...
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