Liquid Metals and Alloys: From Structure to Industrial Applications

Volume 884

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Roberto Montanari, Alessandra Varone

Abstract: Precursor phenomena of melting in pure metals and alloys have been investigated by means of Mechanical Spectroscopy (MS) and High...

Authors: Lars Arnberg, Ragnvald H. Mathiesen

Abstract: Developments in synchrotron and home laboratory X-ray sources and fast low noise X-ray imaging detectors over the last 15-20 years has...

Authors: Paolo Ferro

Abstract: The metallurgical and mechanical properties of fusion welded joints are influenced, among others phenomena, by the weld pool dimension and...

Authors: Matteo Amati, Santosh Kiran Balijepalli, Alessio Mezzi, Saulius Kaciulis, Roberto Montanari, Alessandra Varone

Abstract: The liquid lead-bismuth eutectic (LBE) alloy is of great interest for applications in future nuclear reactors. The structure and clustering...

Authors: Giuseppe Chitarin

Abstract: The physics of the interaction between a liquid metals and an externally applied magnetic field is analysed starting from the basic...

Authors: Giulio Timelli, Daniele Caliari

Abstract: The effect of melt superheat and oxide inclusions on the fluidity of a commercial A356 alloy has been investigated. Fluidity measurements...

Authors: Lorella Ceschini, Alessandro Morri, Stefania Toschi, Salem Seifeddine, Simone Messieri

Abstract: Al-Si-Mg alloys are commonly employed for the production of automotive castings. In view of the recent stringent emissions standards and...

Authors: Ildiko Peter, Christian Castella, Mario Rosso

Abstract: The present chapter reports a short history and a state-of-the art of semi-solid techniques, with particular emphasis to the role of the...

Authors: Maria Rita Ridolfi

Abstract: This paper focuses on the role played by the liquid metal management on the solidification microstructure in industrial solidification...


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