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Authors: Jozsef Majtenyi, Márton Benke, Valéria Mertinger, Tímea Kazinczi
Abstract:In the present study, the residual stress state and macroscopic deformation of automotive rack bar semi-products were examined. The rack bars...
Authors: Monika Furkó, Éva Fazakas, Enikő Réka Fábián, Csaba Balázsi
Abstract:This study presents the production of silver doped bioactive calcium-phosphate (CaP) coatings on commonly used orthopaedic implant materials...
Authors: Moustafa El-Tahawy, Jenő Gubicza, Yi Huang, Hye Lim Choi, Hee Man Choe, János L. Lábár, Terence G. Langdon
Abstract:The effect of different plastic deformation methods on the phase composition, lattice defect structure and hardness in 316L stainless steel...
Authors: Gábor Szebényi, Levente Ferenc Tóth, József Karger-Kocsis
Abstract:The improvement of interfacial adhesion between multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) and epoxy resin (EP) was investigated in nanocomposites...
Authors: Miklós Tisza
Abstract:The automotive industry always had a determining role in the whole economy. In sheet metal forming both the material and the technological...
Authors: Brúnó Vermes, Tibor Czigány
Abstract:Melamine-formaldehyde (PMF) coated microcapsules were produced with liquid pentaerythritol-tetrakis (3-merkaptopropionate) (PETMP) and...
Authors: Károly Dobrovszky, Ferenc Ronkay
Abstract:Blending polymers is an effective method to develop novel materials, tailoring the properties of the components. However, different...
Authors: Zoltán Pálmai, László Csobod
Abstract:It is a well-known fact that thermoelectric currents, reaching even the scale of ampere, develop during chip formation in the...
Authors: Margit Fábián, Csaba Araczki
Abstract:Understanding of the incorporation of actinides in borosilicate matrix used for nuclear waste storage is of a great importance for...
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