Manufacturing Engineering and Process V

Volume 887

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Mustapha Benachour, Nadjia Benachour, Mohamed Benguediab

Abstract: In this paper, effect of stress ratio was investigated on macro and micro of fatigue crack growth rates (FCGRs) of Al-alloy 2024 T351....

Authors: Ladan Khaksar, John Shirokoff

Abstract: The chemical degradation of stainless steel components in sulfur-containing environments is a major concern in oil and gas production. 4130...

Authors: Xia Shuang Li, Wei Ping He, Lei Lei, Teng Yun Zhang, Gai Fang Guo

Abstract: In order to improve the corrosion resistance of Data Matrix (DM) code laser marked on aluminum alloy, the salt spray corrosion resistance...

Authors: Omar Ben Mya, Mahmoud Omari, Lucia dos Santos-Gomez, David Marerro-Lopezd

Abstract: Perovskite La1-xSrxFe0.7Ni0.3O3-δ with x = 0.0, 0.1 &0.2 denoted...

Authors: Aminuddin Debataraja, Brian Yuliarto, Nugraha, Bambang Sunendar, Hiskia

Abstract: Gas sensor performance is strongly influenced by the crystal structure, composition and morphology of the material used. In this paper,...

Authors: Elena Sima, George Bălan

Abstract: This paper addresses the problem of open thin coatings of constant thickness made from Kevlar composite material. Kevlar is an organic...

Authors: Yasmine El-Taybany, Mohab Hossam, Hassan El-Hofy

Abstract: Ultrasonic-Assisted Milling (UAM) combines the material removal mechanism of grinding and the milling kinematics with ultrasonic assistance....

Authors: Radin Khairilhijra Khirotdin, Nurhafizzah Hassan, Umiera Asyikin Yusof, Muhammad Adzeem Mahadzir

Abstract: This study is to investigate the curing of silver conductive ink tracks on fabrics using a combination of direct light projector (DLP) and...

Authors: George Bălan, Roland Iosif Moraru, Lorena Bălan

Abstract: The engineered nanoparticles are more and more entering in Romanian working places, both in research laboratories and in manufacturing...


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