Synthesis and Physicochemical Characterization of Mg-Al-Flufenamate-Layered Double Hydroxide


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A nonsteroidal drug, flufenamic acid (FA) was successfully intercalated into magnesium-aluminium-layered double hydroxide, MAL for the formation of magnesium-aluminium-flufenamate-layered double hydroxide, MAF by self-assembly technique. As a result of the successful intercalation, basal spacing increased from 9.8 Å in the MAL to 23.5 Å in the MAF hybrid nanocomposite. The FTIR spectra of the MAF hybrid nanocomposite show resemblance peaks of the MAL and FA suggesting the inclusion of the organic compound into the MAL interlamellae. The percentage loading of FA was found to be 74.4 % (w/w) calculated from the percentage of carbon in the resulting material, MAF.



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Prof. Osman Adiguzel, Mário S. Ming Kong and Kai Li




S. H. Sarijo et al., "Synthesis and Physicochemical Characterization of Mg-Al-Flufenamate-Layered Double Hydroxide", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 887, pp. 100-103, 2017

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March 2017




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