Material Science and Engineering Technology V

Volume 890

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bryan B. Pajarito, Danzen F. Dang-Awan, Mikhael Anthony A. Felipe, Kevin C. Handa

Abstract: Epoxy/amine-coated polyester triangular bar composites were fabricated and exposed to 5 wt% hydrochloric acid (HCl) solution at 40 °C. The...

Authors: Ananthanarayanan Rajeshkannan

Abstract: Pore closure behavior in sintered Al-4Fe3C and Al-4Fe3C-2Cu composite preforms were studied under cold and hot...

Authors: Elammaran Jayamani, Muhammad Khusairy bin Bakri

Abstract: In this research, the alkaline treated and untreated sugarcane bagasse was used as reinforcement with unsaturated polyester to make...

Authors: Dulina Tholibon, Abu Bakar Sulong, Norhamidi Muhamad, Izdihar Tharazi, Nur Farhani Ismail, Duratul Ain Tholibon

Abstract: The development of bio-composites as biodegradable and renewable materials for sustainable technology are advantageous in creating a green...

Authors: Nurain Hashim, Dayang Laila Abdul Majid, Rizal Zahari, Noorfaizal Yidris

Abstract: Carbon fibres and Kevlar fibres are among the commonly used fibres in the composite industry. As carbon fibres usually known for its...

Authors: Noel Jeffrey P. Pinton, Bryan B. Pajarito

Abstract: The effect of replacing carbon black (CB) with surfactant-modified natural feldspar (SMNF) on hardness and tensile properties of natural...

Authors: Giselle Lou D. Leuterio, Bryan B. Pajarito, Kliff Richmond P. Mejia, Louis Martin G. Mendoza, Elaine Joyce S. Oquendo

Abstract: Natural zeolite, an abundant clay with porous solids based on silica, is modified with amine salt and surfactant, and incorporated as filler...

Authors: Duangkhae Bootkul, Thammanun Bootkul, Saweat Intarasiri

Abstract: This research was focused on the study of the synthesis process, and the physical and mechanical properties, of the composite material...

Authors: Duangkhae Bootkul, Saweat Intarasiri

Abstract: The rising concern towards environmental issue underscores the “greenproducts” based on natural resources for a wide range of applications....


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