Mechanical Properties and Surface Integrity of Recycling Aluminum 6061 by Hot Extrusion Process


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In the present work, aluminum AA6061 chip metals were extruded by hot extrusion and the effect of extrusion parameters on the mechanical properties and surface integrity were investigated. The objective of the present studies it to analyze the mechanical and structural properties of 6061 after plastic consolidation by hot extrusion. Tensile test results showed that material extruded using temperature 550°C exhibit higher ultimate tensile strength (UTS) compared with temperature of 400°C. Fracture surfaces shown that ductile fracture mode occurred at condition 500°C and 2 hours, and brittle fracture occurred at condition 400°C.



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Ramesh K. Agarwal




S.N. Ab Rahim and M. A. Lajis, "Mechanical Properties and Surface Integrity of Recycling Aluminum 6061 by Hot Extrusion Process", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 894, pp. 21-24, 2017

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March 2017




* - Corresponding Author

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