Material Engineering and Smart Materials

Volume 895

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: K.V. Sreenivas Rao, N. Akhil

Abstract: Unidirectional solidification is preferred to multidirectional solidification for growing crystals in a particular direction. An...

Authors: S.H. Adarsh, Vedamanickam Sampath

Abstract: Shape Memory Alloys (SMA) are used in diverse engineering and medical applications capitalizing on their sensing and actuation capabilities....

Authors: Xin Mei Wang, M.Y. Cao, S.W. Li, Z.Y. Yu, Z.F. Yue

Abstract: Two kinds of representative volume elements (RVEs) are introduced to represent the experimental γ/γ′ morphology to study the influences of...

Authors: Jin Ze Li, Hong Lie Shen, Yu Fang Li, Wei Wang

Abstract: In this work we deposited a Ge thin layer under or upon Cu-Zn-Sn-S precursor by sputtering, followed by selenization process to obtain Ge...

Authors: Hua Cheng, Di Wang, Feng Li Li

Abstract: Micro-Si films were deposited using Ar diluted SiH4 gaseous mixture by electron cyclotron resonance plasma-enhanced chemical...

Authors: Bouzid Boudjema, Radouane Daira, Abdenour Kabir, Rafika Djebien

Abstract: Our work consists to the deposition of copper oxide (CuO) thin films onto glass substrates by the spray pyrolysis method. The precursor...

Authors: Qing Chang

Abstract: The nonlinear refraction and absorption properties of a PEI (phthalocyanine indium) tetrasulphonated chlorinated phthalocyanine...

Authors: Sergey Nikolayevich Krivoshapko, Svetlana Lvovna Shambina, Christian A. Bock Hyeng

Abstract: Commercial production of synthetic resin has begun at the beginning of the XX century. In 1950s in the USA, small-span dome roofs, scanner...

Authors: Mourad Chikhi, Boudjemaa Agoudjil, Fatiha Mokhtari

Abstract: In this article greencomposites based on gypsum reinforced with date palm fibers (DPF) were fabricated and investigated experimentally in...


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