Preparation and Fundamental Research of Continuous Through-Porous Pure Aluminum Flat Pipes by Depoling Continuous Casting


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Continuous through-porous pure aluminum flat pipes were prepared continuously by a self-developed depoling continuous casting technology. An online measurement and control of mold temperature at free end of graphite core rods was realized, which was critical for the preparation. The quality of flat pipes was characterized. The results show that the flat pipes could be successfully prepared with the following process parameters: melt with temperature of 750 °C, cooling water with temperature of 20 °C and flow volume of 400 L·h-1, heat insulating mattress with thickness of 2 mm, mold temperature ranged from 635°C to 655°C and continuous casting speed ranged from 1 mm∙min-1 to 4 mm∙min-1. The flat pipe had cross-section dimensions of 14 mm×5 mm, which was aligned unidirectional pore diameter of 3 mm, pore number of 3 and smooth internal and external surface. The pore surfaces of flat pipes became smoother with the reduction of the graphite core rod surface roughness. When the surface roughness of graphite core rods was 0.531 μm and 0.124 μm, the corresponding surface roughness of pores was 0.581 μm and 0.184 μm, respectively. The mold temperature at the free end of graphite core rods was kept at a low thermal temperature range which was 5~25 °C lower than the solidification point of pure aluminum that is necessary for stable depoling continuous casting.



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Prof. Yafang Han




T. Zhang et al., "Preparation and Fundamental Research of Continuous Through-Porous Pure Aluminum Flat Pipes by Depoling Continuous Casting", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 898, pp. 1220-1230, 2017

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June 2017




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