Advanced Powder Technology X

Volume 899

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Luiz Otávio Vicentin Maruya, Bruno Bacci Fernandes, Mario Ueda, Alfeu Saraiva Ramos

Abstract: This work reports on effect of magnesium addition on the Ti6Si2B stability in Ti-xMg-22Si-11B (x = 2 and 6 at.-%)...

Authors: Gustavo Souza de Alencar e Silva, Ricardo Mendes Leal Neto, Vinícius André Rodrigues Henriques, Carlos Alberto Alves Cairo, Alfeu Saraiva Ramos

Abstract: Tungsten carbide is potentially attractive for development of catalysts and widely used for fabrication of cutting tools due to its high...

Authors: Ricardo Mendes Leal Neto, Rafael de Araújo Silva, Ricardo Floriano, Graziele Cristina Seco Coutinho, Railson Bolsoni Falcão, Daniel Rodrigo Leiva, Walter José Botta Filho

Abstract: The aim of this work is to investigate the influence of some processes variables on the microstructure and hydrogen absorption kinetics of...

Authors: Lucas Moreira Ferreira, Stephania Capellari Rezende, Antonio Augusto Araújo Pinto da Silva, Gael Yves Poirier, Gilberto Carvalho Coelho, Alfeu Saraiva Ramos

Abstract: The present work reports on the microstructure and oxidation resistance of Ni-25Nb, Ni-20Nb-5Ta and Ni-15Nb-10Ta alloys produced by...

Authors: Oscar Olimpio de Araújo Filho, Everthon Rodrigues de Araújo, Heronilton Mendes de Lira, Cezar Henrique Gonzalez, Noelle D’emery Gomes Silva, Severino Leopoldino Urtiga Filho

Abstract: Aluminum alloy metal matrix composites are a class of materials object of large and intensive research during the last years. In this study...

Authors: Maria Jose S. Lima, M.V.M. Souto, A.S. Souza, M.M. Karimi, F.E.S. Silva, Uilame Umbelino Gomes, Carlson P. de Souza

Abstract: The carbides of refractory metals like tungsten carbide (WC), tantalum carbide (TaC) and niobium carbide (NbC), has been extensively studied...

Authors: Josiane R. Silvano, J.M.M. Mello, Lucinao Luiz Silva, Humberto Gracher Riella, Márcio Antônio Fiori

Abstract: A major challenge in the manufacture of films for polymeric packaging is the definition and setting of the friction coefficient (FCO) for...

Authors: Domingos Lusitâneo Pier Macuvele, Janaína Nones, Jonas V. Matsinhe, A.T. Bezerra, M.M. Lima, E.S.W. Santos, Márcio Antônio Fiori, Humberto Gracher Riella

Abstract: Transmission infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) was used to study the effect of the temperature and concentration of octadecylamine (surfactant)...

Authors: Rodrigo Uchida Ichikawa, Walter Kenji Yoshito, Margarida Juri Saeki, Willian C.A. Maranhão, Fátima Goulart, Luís Gallego Martinez

Abstract: Nanostructured Mn-Zn ferrites were synthesized using co-precipitation in alkaline solution with different pH. The samples were characterized...


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