Civil and Building Materials

Volume 902

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Sen Han, Pei Sun, Ya Min Liu, Wei Li

Abstract: In order to achieve the penetration method which could reflect the high temperature property of SBS modified asphalt, the paper presented...

Authors: Rosalía Ruiz Ruiz, Elia Mercedes Alonso Guzmán, Wilfrido Martínez Molina, Hugo Luis Chávez García, Judith Alejandra Velázquez Perez

Abstract: Cement industry is responsible of 5-7% of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere. This is preoccupant because this is one of the greenhouse effect...

Authors: Iveta Nováková, Iveta Hájková

Abstract: Article presents quality evaluation system for description of recycled concrete aggregates (RCA), verification of RCA properties and...

Authors: Carlo Casalegno, Salvatore Russo, Francesca Sciarretta

Abstract: The peculiarities of pultruded FRP profiles, i.e. low mass, durability and ease of construction, make them suitable for retrofitting...

Authors: Jan Fořt, David Čítek, Milena Pavlíková, Jaroslav Pokorný, Martina Záleská, Zbyšek Pavlík, Robert Černý

Abstract: Residual parameters of Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) exposed to high temperatures were experimentally accessed. The UHPC was...

Authors: Cong Thuat Dang, Ngoc Hieu Dinh

Abstract: Old reinforced concrete buildings constructed around 1980’s in many developing countries have been designed against mainly gravity load....

Authors: Kun Zhang, Wei Shan, Wen Bo Sun

Abstract: This paper examines the impact of type of electrolyte solutions, standing time without electricity on the reinforced bond of the concrete of...

Authors: Marco Antonio Navarrete Seras, Hugo Luis Chávez García, Wilfrido Martínez Molina, Elia Mercedes Alonso Guzmán, Mauricio Arreola Sánchez

Abstract: Nowadays, most of the infrastructure building has inside its structural elements stony material. Over the years, the rocks have been widely...

Authors: S.F. Wong, A.A. Htwe, S.H. Oh, T.Y. Leo, J. Cheng, B.K. Tay

Abstract: This paper reports an experimental study on the use of waste plastics in stone mastic asphalt (SMA) for infrastructural applications (e.g....


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