Materials and Processing Technology

Volume 906

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: I.V. Osetkovskiy, N.A. Kozyrev, R.E. Kryukov

Abstract: In the article is shown the comparative analysis between structures of surfaced by the flux coded wire metal systems Fe-C-Si-Mn-Cr-Ni-Mo-V...

Authors: A.B. Kuvaldin, Maxim A. Fedin, A.O. Kuleshov, I.Y. Zhmurko

Abstract: The physical models of the induction crucible furnaces with nonconducting crucible and conducting crucible were developed. Experimental...

Authors: V.I. Starikov, T.Yu. Chernysheva, E. Knauss

Abstract: The authors complete calculations of the boundary of adsorption lines of CO and CO2 molecules under the limited volume. The cells...

Authors: Sergey V. Konovalov, D.A. Kosinov, I.A. Komissarova, V.E. Gromov

Abstract: The tests were carried out to identify the influence of electropulse treatment on austenite steel ((mass %) 0.44С, 16.50Mn, 0.26Cr, 0.08Ni,...

Authors: Vasilii A. Klimenov, Anatolii A. Klopotov, Yu.A. Abzaev, K.A. Kurgan, Yu.A. Vlasov

Abstract: The paper presents the results of the X-ray diffraction analysis of structural-phase states in the weld zone of a titanium alloy Grade2 in...

Authors: Bauyrzhan K. Rakhadilov, Zh.B. Sagdoldina, G.B. Tazhybaeva

Abstract: The structure and microhardness of high-speed steels P6M5, P9 and P18 after electron-beam processing were investigated in the work....

Authors: Vladimir Syzrantsev, Ksenia Syzrantseva

Abstract: The paper describes the basic principles and some results of obtaining data by means of integral strain gauges about load-carrying capacity...

Authors: A.D. Abramov, A.S. Ilinykh, M.S. Galay, Je.S. Sidorov

Abstract: Rail welded joints are integral part of continuous welded rail. However, they often do not have sufficient reliability during the operation....

Authors: Anatolii A. Klopotov, Yu.F. Ivanov, E.A. Petrikova, V.E. Gromov, Yu.A. Kakushkin

Abstract: Surface modification of silumin of the grade AK12 with plasma formed during an electrical explosion of aluminum foil with a sample of...


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