Advanced Technologies of Materials Processing II

Volume 907

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hülya Akkan, Mehmet Şi̇mşi̇r, Kerim Emre Öksüz

Abstract: NiTi shape memory alloys have attracted significant interest due to their unique superelasticity and high damping performance. In this work,...

Authors: Lucian Burlacu, Nicanor Cimpoeşu, Nicoleta Monica Lohan, Leandru Gheorghe Bujoreanu

Abstract: The paper introduces the possibility to replace the “wet alloy”, used for sprinkler-triggering within automatic fire protection systems,...

Authors: Sergey Demakov, Iana Semkina, Stepan Stepanov

Abstract: Samples of VT23 β-metastable titanium alloy quenched from temperatures in a range between critical and β-transus were studied in situ...

Authors: Merve Torman, Kerim Emre Öksüz, Şaduman Şen, Uğur Şen

Abstract: Perovskite compounds have received keen interest from academic research due to their unique properties such as ferroelectric, pyroelectric,...

Authors: Mihai Mocanu, Elena Mihalache, Radu-Ioachim Comăneci, Bogdan Pricop, Burak Özkal, Leandru Gheorghe Bujoreanu

Abstract: Tensile specimens, with the chemical composition Fe-28Mn-6Si-5Cr (mass. %), were obtained by ingot metallurgy, hot rolling, solution...

Authors: Aleksandra A. Kuklina, Mikhail V. Maisuradze, Yury V. Yudin

Abstract: The most widely used equation for analytical description of the transformation kinetics of the metastable solid solutions (the steel...

Authors: Merve Torman, Kerim Emre Öksüz, Şaduman Şen, Uğur Şen

Abstract: Several ceramic materials with a perovskite structure often exhibit interesting electronic properties and, therefore, are often called...

Authors: Arkadiy Yu. Zhilyakov, Sergey V. Belikov, Alexander G. Gudov, Sergey P. Burmasov

Abstract: Effect of the alloy initial structure before remelting on the melt viscosity, its state prior to crystallization, and on processes occurring...

Authors: Yakup Yürektürk, Murat Baydogan

Abstract: In this paper, austempering heat treatment was applied to a new generation high silicon GJS 600-10 grade ductile iron with an initial...


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