Development of Parameters Optimization Technology for Obtaining Composite Materials and Coatings with Shape Memory Effect


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The paper studies the technology of producing composite materials and coatings by means of high-velocity oxygen-fuel spraying (HVOF) in a protective atmosphere. We have developed technologies for the formation of nanostructured surface layers made of multicomponent materials in the conditions of high-velocity oxygen-fuel spraying in order to improve operational properties and expand functional capabilities of engineering products. We optimized technological parameters and constructed nomograph of the process. We described a modernized GLC-720 unit which implements the resource-saving technology for the formation of nanostructured surface layers on cylindrical details, and makes it possible to produce HVOF in a protective atmosphere and thermomechanical processing in a single technological cycle.



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Sujan Debnath




P. O. Rusinov and Z. M. Blednova, "Development of Parameters Optimization Technology for Obtaining Composite Materials and Coatings with Shape Memory Effect", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 911, pp. 34-38, 2018

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January 2018




* - Corresponding Author

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