Manufacturing Sciences and Technologies VIII

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Authors: Yik Vui Kong, Noman Khandoker, Vincent C.C. Lee, Sumaiya Islam
Abstract: Resistance spot welding is one of the commonly used structural joining processes in sheet metal structures. This paper presents the study of vibration characteristics of a spot-welded sheet metal coupon with a simple finite element model. The finite element spot weld nugget was modelled with Spider Configuration (SC) using commercial finite element code ABAQUS. Analytically the spot welded sheet metal coupon was modeled as a free–free Euler Bernoulli beam. Comparison was made for both natural frequencies and mode shapes of the first three bending modes between finite element model and analytical model. It was found that the simple finite element model was able to predict the spot weld joint vibration characteristics with a minimum of 0.35% and a maximum of 7.3% error.
Authors: Namrin Wuttiwan, Suksan Prombanpong
Abstract: One of the common problems in a flow line like a packing process is line breakdown. This is due to several reasons such as part shortage, equipment malfunction, etc. Especially, when parts are stored in the warehouse or in a temporary buffer area and must transport to the packing area, without good management breakdown due to part shortage easily occurs. Typically, a person who places the part and one who picks the part is not the same person and without good communication tool, waste time can be expected and causes line breakdown since the new part cannot be served in time. Thus, the objective of this paper is to demonstrate the implementation of a smart picking system and intelligent feeding schedule in order to reduce line breakdown due to part shortage. The feeding schedule is also generated for a feeding worker to replenish a pallet to the line before a buffer is running out. One of the factories is implemented as a case study where the current downtime due to part shortage is 8.2 percent and the productivity is 12.99 pieces per man-hour. A bar code system and industry tablet is used for pick and place system. Not only is the software for part location search developed, but also the feeding schedule of the whole packing line. As a result, the downtime due to part shortage is reduced to 1.2 percent and the productivity increases to 22.61 pieces per man-hour.

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