Thermal Deformation Behavior and Processing Map of Al-Mg-Er Alloy


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To study the hot deformation behavior of Al-Mg-Er alloy, hot compression tests were conducted on a Gleeble-1500D thermal simulator at the temperature range of 200-500°C with the strain rates from 0.001 to 10s-1. With the increase in the deformation temperature and the decrease in strain rates, the flow stress of the Al-Mg-Er alloy decreased. Processing maps were constructed to study on hot workability characteristics. The results showed that the flow stress curves exhibited the typical dynamic recrystallization characteristics and the stress decreased with the increase of deformation temperature and the decrease of strain rate. Moreover, the processing maps were established on the basis of dynamic material model and Prasad’s instability criterion.



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Prof. Ya Fang Han




R. Liu et al., "Thermal Deformation Behavior and Processing Map of Al-Mg-Er Alloy", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 913, pp. 30-36, 2018

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February 2018




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