Dynamics of a Water Droplet Subjected to Forced Vibration by Surface Acoustic Wave Device


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The interfacial dynamics of a water droplet subjected to SAW (surface acoustic wave) was investigated using a high-speed video camera analysis system. The SAW device was fabricated to generate high frequency vibration for the droplet excitation. The water droplet showed bursting into a fine spray of smaller droplets and ultra-fine mist at the higher applied voltage to the SAW device. The appearance of droplet interface varied with elapsed time of surface acoustic wave excitation. At the initial stage after SAW excitation, capillary surface waves were observed on the droplet interface. Subsequently, surface disintegration due to fine spray and mist ejection was observed. The details of surface response of water droplet on the SAW device were revealed experimentally.



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A.G. Mamalis, Masato Enokizono, Antonios Kladas, T. Sawada, Mustafa Güden and Prof. Mustafa M. Demir




S. Sudo and H. Kuwano, "Dynamics of a Water Droplet Subjected to Forced Vibration by Surface Acoustic Wave Device", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 915, pp. 22-27, 2018

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March 2018




* - Corresponding Author

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