Microwave Absorbing Property of Thin Coating in the Broadband Low-Frequency Range


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Coatings with flake carbonyl-iron powder as absorber and polyurethane resin as matrix were prepared. The complex permittivity, complex permeability and microwave-absorbing properties were investigated in the frequency range of 2–18 GHz. Both the complex permittivity and permeability of the flaky carbonyl-iron were increased compared to the spherical powders. The minimum reflection loss decreased and the matching frequency shifted to the lower frequency region with increase in the coating thickness. The band width can reach nearly 16GHz as the RL was below than-4 dB with thickness only 1.4 mm. The minimum reflection loss value of-14.5 dB was obtained at 3.56 GHz for the 1.6mm coatings with 89 wt% carbonyl-iron powders. These results showed that the coatings were favorable for the broadband low-frequency microwave absorption with a small thickness.



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Prof. Kazuo Umemura




L. Chen et al., "Microwave Absorbing Property of Thin Coating in the Broadband Low-Frequency Range", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 916, pp. 33-37, 2018

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March 2018




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