Material Science and Engineering Technology VI

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Authors: Eldar Sharafutdinov, Arman Abdigaliyev, Almas Sheriye, Di Chuan Zhang, Chang Seon Shon
Abstract: The purpose of this study was to investigate properties of non-autoclaved aerated concrete (AC) with quadruple cementitious mixture containing silica fume (SF) and ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBFS) on the basis of Response Surface Method (RSM). Compressive strength and porosity for 9 different mixtures have been determined and the prediction models for these properties have been developed using regression analyses. The combination of 5% SF and 20% GGBFS was found to be useful for strength development and reduction of porosity in the AC.
Authors: Anuar Ulykbanov, Eldar Sharafutdinov, Elmira Ramazanova, Chang Seon Shon
Abstract: Aerated concrete (AC) is widely used in the construction industry due to lightweight and advanced thermal properties. In this research, thermal conductivity (λ) of non-autoclaved AC was characterized with Response Surface Methodology (RSM). The effect of fine aggregates with different Al2O3 contents on the minimal λ value was analyzed using RSM. Test results show that sand with higher Al2O3 content has more influence on lower λ of AC. The regression models were significant and applicable to analyzation and prediction of λ of AC with good accuracy.

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