Upconversion Luminescence of ZnO-TiO2: Ho3+/Yb3+ Phosphor Powder


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Ho3+/Yb3+ co-doped ZnO-TiO2 composite system were synthesized by powder-solution mixing method and their upconversion (UC) luminescence characteristics were investigated under the 980 nm laser excitation. The effect of various ZnO/TiO2 mixing ratios, and Ho3+ and Yb3+ concentrations were also studied. The XRD patterns showed that the product fired at 1300 °C consisted of Zn2TiO4, TiO2, RE2Ti2O7, and RE2TiO5 (RE = Ho3+ and/or Yb3+) phases. The green emission centered at 538 nm wavelength was detected as the strongest emission intensity which it was in accordance with the 5F4, 5S2 5I8 transition of Ho3+ ion. The emission intensity of the product changed by varying ZnO/TiO2 mixing ratios, and Ho3+ and Yb3+ concentrations. Brightest UC emission was observed in the sample of 1ZnO:1TiO2 (in mole) doped with 0.03 mol% Ho3+, 9 mol% Yb3+ fired at 1300 °C for 1 h. Besides, the dependence of the UC emission intensity on the excitation power indicated that the two-photon process was responsible for this UC system.



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Junichi Hojo, Tohru Sekino, Jian Feng Yang, Hyung Sun Kim and Wen Bin Cao




K. Kobwittaya et al., "Upconversion Luminescence of ZnO-TiO2: Ho3+/Yb3+ Phosphor Powder", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 922, pp. 32-39, 2018

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May 2018




* - Corresponding Author

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