Stacking Faults Defects on 3C-SiC Homo-Epitaxial Films


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Stacking Faults (SFs) are the main defect of 3C-SiC material and in this work a detailed study of this typology of defect is presented. We studied the behavior of SFs with High Resolution XRD and STEM analysis. The homo-epitaxial growth was proposed as a solution for the reduction of SFs density in 3C-SiC material and the influence of the growth condition on the SFs density was studied. The knowledge of the mechanism of SFs reduction is crucial for the development of a high quality material for devices fabrication.



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Robert Stahlbush, Philip Neudeck, Anup Bhalla, Robert P. Devaty, Michael Dudley and Aivars Lelis




G. Litrico et al., "Stacking Faults Defects on 3C-SiC Homo-Epitaxial Films", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 924, pp. 124-127, 2018

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June 2018




* - Corresponding Author

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