Defects and Polytype Instabilities


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A model based on the generation and recombination of defect was developed to describe the stability of stacking faults and basal plane dislocation loops in crystals with layered polytype structures. The stability of the defects configuration was analysed for stacking faults surrounded by Shockley and Frank partial dislocation as well as Shockley dislocation dipoles with long range elastic fields. This approach allows the qualitative prediction of defect subsystems in polytype structure in external fields.



Edited by:

Robert Stahlbush, Philip Neudeck, Anup Bhalla, Robert P. Devaty, Michael Dudley and Aivars Lelis




J. Pezoldt and A. A. Kalnin, "Defects and Polytype Instabilities", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 924, pp. 147-150, 2018

Online since:

June 2018




* - Corresponding Author

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