Expansion of Basal Plane Dislocation in 4H-SiC Epitaxial Layer on A-Plane by Electron Beam Irradiation


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The expansion behavior of basal plane dislocations (BPDs) in a 4H-SiC epitaxial layer on the (110) A-plane under electron beam (EB) (//[110]) irradiation was observed. BPD expanded and formed a single Shockley stacking fault (SSSF) between a partial dislocation (PD) pair. The width of the SSSF was proportional to the EB current. The dependence of the expansion velocity on the irradiation position was observed with a fixed EB spot. It was found that the electron-hole pair migration to the PD and/or SSSF can expand the SSSF. The velocity of SSSF expansion by direct SSSF excitation with an EB was much smaller than that by the preferential excitation of a PD with migrated electron-hole pairs.



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Robert Stahlbush, Philip Neudeck, Anup Bhalla, Robert P. Devaty, Michael Dudley and Aivars Lelis




M. Sudo et al., "Expansion of Basal Plane Dislocation in 4H-SiC Epitaxial Layer on A-Plane by Electron Beam Irradiation", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 924, pp. 151-154, 2018

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June 2018




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