Metal/Semiconductor Contacts to Silicon Carbide: Physics and Technology


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The physics and technology of metal/semiconductor interfaces are key-points in the development of silicon carbide (SiC) based devices. Although in the last decade, the metal to 4H-SiC contacts, either Ohmic or Schottky type, have been extensively investigated with important achievements, these remain even now an intriguing topic since metal contacts are fundamental bricks of all electronic devices. Hence, their comprehension is at the base of the improvement of the performances of simple devices and complex systems. In this context, this paper aims to highlight some relevant aspects related to metal/semiconductor contacts to SiC, both on n-type and p-type, with an emphasis on the role of the barrier and on the carrier transport mechanisms at the interfaces.



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Robert Stahlbush, Philip Neudeck, Anup Bhalla, Robert P. Devaty, Michael Dudley and Aivars Lelis




F. Roccaforte et al., "Metal/Semiconductor Contacts to Silicon Carbide: Physics and Technology", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 924, pp. 339-344, 2018

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June 2018




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