Comparison of Two Methods of Cutting Temperature Calculation


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In this article comparison of two methods of the cutting temperature calculation is made: according to the theory of A.N. Reznikov and the theory of S.S. Silin. The values of the cutting temperature calculated according to both methods are compared to the experimental data provided by various authors. It is determined that both methods can be used for cutting temperature calculation, however they have some limitations. In particular, when making the calculations according to S.S Silin’s theory the parameter, characterizing the degree of plastic deformation of the metal machined should be not less than 0.4. When calculating the cutting temperature by Reznikov’s theory it is necessary to take into account the nature of the physical processes of cutting.



Edited by:

Dr. Dmitry A. Chinakhov




V. L. Bibik et al., "Comparison of Two Methods of Cutting Temperature Calculation", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 927, pp. 134-140, 2018

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July 2018




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