Pseudo Elastic Analysis of Carbon Reinforced Natural/Styrene-Butadiene Blend Rubber (NSBR) with Ogden Constitutive Model


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In this paper, experimental results that illustrate stress softening in carbon filled natural/styrene-butadiene blend rubber (NSBR) together with Mullins effect are introduced firstly. Then, based on these data, the Ogden constitutive model is derived. The theory of pseudo-elasticity is used in the model. It is found that theory of pseudo-elasticity and Ogden constitutive model is applicable in this composite.



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Xiao Hong Zhu




L. H. Huang et al., "Pseudo Elastic Analysis of Carbon Reinforced Natural/Styrene-Butadiene Blend Rubber (NSBR) with Ogden Constitutive Model", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 928, pp. 20-25, 2018

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August 2018




* - Corresponding Author

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