Diffusion Analyses Using GDOES Technique of the 22MnB5 Press Hardened Steel with Al-Si and Zn-Ni Coatings


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The hot stamping process consists to heat the steel blank, at total austenitization temperatures and to transfer it into the press tooling for forming and fast cooling to fully martensitic transformation. This transference from furnace to press stage promotes some steel oxidation. The application of metallic coatings avoids this phenomenon. The Al-Si coating, a patented process, has been the most applied on steel. Hence, alternative coatings like Zn-Ni are under development. It is known that this furnace heating causes chemical elements diffusion that results in intermetallics formation. This study had the objective of analyze the diffusion profiles of chemical elements present in the substrate, 22MnB5 steel, and coatings of Al-Si and Zn-Ni, using glow-discharge optical emission spectroscopy - GDOES and to correlate the results with those obtained with energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy - EDS. The results showed that for the Zn-Ni sample, the Zn and Fe profiles at the interfacial zone, are predominant; which justify the high proportion of ZnFe phases as showed using scanning electron microscopy - SEM images. For the Al-Si sample at the interfacial zone, the profile of Al and Fe varies simultaneously; besides that, silicon diffusion in the substrate is more effectively than the nickel diffusion. For this reason, it was possible to identify AlFeSi phase near to the steel substrate.



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Clodomiro Alves Junior




C.P. Couto et al., "Diffusion Analyses Using GDOES Technique of the 22MnB5 Press Hardened Steel with Al-Si and Zn-Ni Coatings", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 930, pp. 472-477, 2018

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September 2018




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