Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Crystalline Mesoporous Beta-Tricalcium Phosphate Nanoparticles


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A nanosized magnesium substituted beta-tricalcium phosphate (Mg:β-TCP) was synthesized by an aqueous precipitation method, at room temperature, in one single step. In the present study, the novel and stable Mg:β-TCP resulted in a crystalline and spherical nanoparticles (diameter of approximately 20 nm) with mesoporous structures and a high specific surface area (about 574 m2/g). These special characteristics make this novel crystalline mesoporous Mg: β-TCP nanoparticles ideal candidates for drug delivery system and a promising non-viral vector for gene therapy.



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Clodomiro Alves Junior




F. R. de Oliveira Silva et al., "Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Crystalline Mesoporous Beta-Tricalcium Phosphate Nanoparticles", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 930, pp. 63-66, 2018

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September 2018




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