Economy Class Hotels on the Cities Embankments


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Today, accommodation of economy class hotels on the city embankments has turned into a stable trend, which can make these cities more attractive for tourists, therefore this issue requires systematic and professional study. The article considers international experience and urgent issues concerning formation of public zones on the embankments, common architectural principles of coastal zone development, specifics and international experience in architectural arrangement of floating hotels, condition for interaction of water spaces and structure of these hotels. Insufficient legislative support for such sites has been identified, therefore current hotel regulatory environment needs to be revised and adapted to existing realities.



Edited by:

Batyr Yazyev, Stepan V. Litvinov, Anton S. Chepurnenko, Anastasia Lapina and Akay Oksana




A. R. Klochko, "Economy Class Hotels on the Cities Embankments", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 931, pp. 785-789, 2018

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September 2018





* - Corresponding Author

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