Architectural Formation of School Buildings in the Conditions of Education Continuity: General-Higher


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The article deals with the relevance of the formation of educational institutions buildings in cooperation with higher education institutions. On the basis of modern tendencies of the education development the basic typological groups of the educational organisations are revealed which are basic elements in the general system of the higher education. The necessity of architectural formation of the school as the main component in the system of school-University interaction is determined. On the basis of the conducted researches are revealed the main directions and methods of architectural formation of buildings of the General educational organisations, namely schools in the structure of higher educational institutions (universities). The basic architectural and planning principles of designing school buildings in the structure of university complexes are defined. The conceptual model of architectural formation of a school building in the conditions of education continuity is developed: general-higher, on the example of Don State Technical University.



Edited by:

Batyr Yazyev, Stepan V. Litvinov, Anton S. Chepurnenko, Anastasia Lapina and Akay Oksana




E. V. Pimenova and E. V. Irmanova, "Architectural Formation of School Buildings in the Conditions of Education Continuity: General-Higher", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 931, pp. 810-816, 2018

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September 2018




* - Corresponding Author

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