The Problem of Affirmatively Architectural Form and Structural Functionalism


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The article analyses the problem of preserving the constitutional potential of architectural form in terms of the architectural thinking and architectural activity space total mastery by the structural functionalism methodology, which most perfectly expresses the spirit and principles of the modern epoch. Architectural form is generally regarded as auto-referential method of creating an immanent image of the face or an architectural work, which "text" includes its own grammar "reading".



Edited by:

Batyr Yazyev, Stepan V. Litvinov, Anton S. Chepurnenko, Anastasia Lapina and Akay Oksana




I. V. Kaschina and A. N. Nesterova, "The Problem of Affirmatively Architectural Form and Structural Functionalism", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 931, pp. 817-821, 2018

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September 2018




* - Corresponding Author

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