Mechanical Properties Evaluation Method on Welded Joints of X70 Pipeline Steel Based on Vickers Hardness and Indentation Test


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In order to solve the problem that the mechanical properties of containers and pipelines are difficult to evaluate during service, this paper focuses on the quantitative expression of hardness and mechanical properties. Taking the X70 pipeline steel as the research object, with 12 welds of the tensile test and 192 times the hardness of indentation test, the establishment of a mathematical application suitable for engineering applications. The results shows: The hardness, indentation parameters and mechanical properties of the weld, base metal and heat affected zone did not change significantly with the pipe wall thickness, it is reasonable to test the hardness of the outer wall of the pipeline at the scene; Vickers hardness distribution can effectively explain the fracture of the specimen, hardness and plastic work was inversely proportional.



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Xiao Hong Zhu, Wenlong Cheng and Li Lu




Y. Y. Wang et al., "Mechanical Properties Evaluation Method on Welded Joints of X70 Pipeline Steel Based on Vickers Hardness and Indentation Test", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 932, pp. 44-48, 2018

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September 2018




* - Corresponding Author

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