Research on the NC Machining and Simulation for Spiral Bevel Gears of Half-Spread-Out Helix Modified Roll


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A new type of machining method called half-spread-out helix modified roll is used to carry out numerical control machining and simulation of spiral bevel gears in this paper. The transformation from traditional machine tool adjustment parameters into processing input parameters of five-axis CNC machining center was realized. The simulated gear model of this machining method is obtained, and the coordinates of its tooth surface points are compared with points coordinates of theoretical tooth surface which are generated according to the traditional machining method. From the comparison, the correctness of this numerical control machining model is verified.



Edited by:

Umemura Kazuo, Harald Justnes, Ki-Bum Kim and Takashiro Akitsu




X. N. Jiang et al., "Research on the NC Machining and Simulation for Spiral Bevel Gears of Half-Spread-Out Helix Modified Roll", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 939, pp. 63-72, 2018

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November 2018




* - Corresponding Author

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