Effects of Solid Solution Temperature on Microstructure and Properties of Extruded and Forged FGH95 Superalloys


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the effects of solid solution temperature on microstructure and properties in extruded and forged FGH95 superalloys are studied in this work. The superalloys with different micrtstructures are prepared through solid solution heat treatment at different temperature, and the microstructures were analyzed by SEM and EBSD. The results show that following with the increase of solid solution temperature, the grain size increase and the amount of primary γ′-phase located at the grain boundary decrease. When the solid solution temperature is higher than the solvus, the primary γ′-phase disappear completely, and as a result, the grain size grow significantly. The orientation of the FGH95 superalloys would not be influenced by the solid solution temperature, but the amount of twins increases following with the increase of solid solution temperature. The tensile and creep property is also studied in this work, the results show that the sub-solid solution heat treatment is suitable for Extruded and Forged FGH95 superalloys.



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Prof. Yafang Han




Z. C. Peng et al., "Effects of Solid Solution Temperature on Microstructure and Properties of Extruded and Forged FGH95 Superalloys", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 944, pp. 3-7, 2019

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January 2019




* - Corresponding Author

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