Thermal Deformation Behavior and Critical Conditions of Dynamic Recrystallization of QCr0.8 Alloy


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In this paper, the flow stresses, the constitutive equation, processing map and the critical conditions of dynamic recrystallization (DRX) of the hot forged QCr0.8 alloy are studied by hot compressive test in the 750-900°C temperature and 0.01-10s-1 strain rate ranges using Gleeble-1500D thermo-mechanical simulator. The compression reduction of thermal compression deformation is 50%. The results show that the thermal deformation temperatures and strain rates have a significant effect on the high temperature deformation behavior of the alloy. The higher the temperature, the smaller the strain rate and the easier the DRX of the alloy is found.The peak stresses of the alloy decreases with the increase of temperature and increases with the increase of the strain rates.The flow stresses during hot deformation can be described by a hyperbolic sine function. The activation energy Q of the thermal compression deformation is determined to be 370.8KJ/mol. The constitutive equation and processing map of the alloy are established. Critical strains of DRX εc are studied by the inflection point characteristic of the lnθ-ε curve of the alloy and the corresponding minimum value of the ∂θ (∂θ)/∂ε-ε curve.



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Prof. Yafang Han




S. Y. Yang et al., "Thermal Deformation Behavior and Critical Conditions of Dynamic Recrystallization of QCr0.8 Alloy", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 944, pp. 38-45, 2019

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January 2019




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