To the Question of Studying the Regimes of Electro-Plasma Processing of Technogenic Wastes of Incineration Plants of the PRC for the Production of Melt and Fibrous Materials


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The article presents the results of melting industrial waste incineration plants in China in electric arc plasma and demonstrated the possibility of melting the wastes in podrihtovali for production of a melt and producing fibrous materials based on it.Studies were carried out by optical and electron microscopy, spectral and x-ray analysis, as well as by capillary electrophoresis to determine the cation-anion composition. For processing of ash the electromagnetic technological reactor in which its melting was made was used. The presented melting unit made it possible to smoothly regulate the temperature and keep it at the outlet of the jet from the Letka, which made it possible to reduce the power consumption for the production of melt and fiber production. The experiments on melting showed a high gas content in the process of melting of the waste. Therefore, initially, to study the possible composition of the gas, the TERRA program modeling the process of ash melting with the release of gas was used, and the reactor parameters were calculated to determine the effective power and specific energy consumption. Thus, the purpose of the tasks was to obtain a homogeneous melt with associated purification of waste gases, followed by an analysis of its material composition, as well as the production of a thin mineral fiber to produce heat-insulating materials of the fibrous structure.



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Dr. Denis Solovev




S.L. Buyantuev et al., "To the Question of Studying the Regimes of Electro-Plasma Processing of Technogenic Wastes of Incineration Plants of the PRC for the Production of Melt and Fibrous Materials", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 945, pp. 1001-1008, 2019

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February 2019




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