Modification of Foam Concrete with Organo-Mineral Admixtures


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A multi-level optimization of size-consist of foam concrete is considered with the aim of significantly increasing its construction and mechanical properties. The results of theoretical and experimental studies confirming the expediency of using this process technology are given. In the course of the studies, theoretical and experimental conditions for creating balanced size-consist of non-autoclaved modified foam concrete with an increased solids concentration per volume unit and performance properties with complex organo-mineral admixture of sustained action on the basis of balanced ratio of chemical and finely-dispersed mineral ingredients optimizing its size-consist and structure were developed. The use of microsilicasuspension in foam composition is theoretically justified, and in the composition of foam-concrete mix of finely-dispersed slag and complex chemical modifier with an accelerating agent, that provide an increase in the strength of non-autoclaved foam concrete by more than 2 times, a decrease in thermal conductivity by 25%, shrinkage – by more than 4 times.



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Dr. Denis Solovev




E. Velichko and O. Pustylnik, "Modification of Foam Concrete with Organo-Mineral Admixtures", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 945, pp. 199-204, 2019

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February 2019




* - Corresponding Author

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