Porous Structure Formation of Aerated Concrete with Variational Properties


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The main drawbacks of aerated concrete preparation traditional technology are considered. The method essence for the porous structure formation of aerated concrete products with variational properties is formulated. The main factors affecting aerated concrete products properties of varying density and strength along the cross-section are indicated. The mold cover closed surface with a circular opening area effect on aerated concrete products main properties is shown and its optimum value is revealed. The traditional and modern types gas generators influence on gas evolution kinetics, mixture swelling height, gas generators stability in time and variable density and strength on the cross-section aerated concrete products main properties are considered.



Edited by:

Dr. Denis Solovev




P.P. Deryabin et al., "Porous Structure Formation of Aerated Concrete with Variational Properties", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 945, pp. 233-237, 2019

Online since:

February 2019




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