The Influence of Concrete Class on Vibrations of Thin-Walled Cylindrical Reinforced Concrete Shells


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The article deals with the theoretical calculation of the cylindrical thin-walled shell of concrete of different classes with different modules of elasticity. Constructions in the form of a cylindrical shell are widely used in the construction of hydraulic facilities, nuclear power plants, stadiums and other large-span structures. During the operation of such facilities, they are affected by wind and snow loads, including the operation of equipment from the action of which there are forced oscillations. The imposition of own fluctuations of thin shells and forced vibration from external loads, which have not been taken into account by the designer or improper work in the course of construction that result in emergency situations. In addition to the theoretical calculation of the cylindrical closed thin-walled reinforced concrete shell, the article considers the results of the study as a practical part where it is shown how the forced oscillation occurs in different concrete classes and how the concrete class affects the Frequency spectrum of forced oscillations.



Edited by:

Dr. Denis Solovev




K.Q. Qahorov et al., "The Influence of Concrete Class on Vibrations of Thin-Walled Cylindrical Reinforced Concrete Shells", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 945, pp. 299-304, 2019

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February 2019




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