The Assessment of the Possibility of Using the Iron Ore of the Lena-Amginsky Interfluve for the Production of Cast Alloys for Low-Temperature Purposes


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The paper gives an assessment of the possibility of using local mineral raw materials to create foundry alloys that are operated under natural low temperatures. The feasibility of using iron ores of the Lena ore field (Yakutia, North-East of Russia) for the development of new cold resistant and high strength steels is analyzed. The chemical composition and microstructure of the melted alloy were studied. Also the phase composition of the alloy by X-ray diffraction method is analyzed. The alloy with respect to the chemical composition is naturally doped Mn, W, V, which are well preserved in the preparation of the iron semi-finished product by direct reduction technology. The obtained sample after processing has acquired a uniform structure, typical for tool carbon steel after forging. Elemental analysis data indicate a uniform distribution of iron, carbon, manganese, sulfur and phosphorus in the alloy.



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Dr. Denis Solovev




A.D. Danilov et al., "The Assessment of the Possibility of Using the Iron Ore of the Lena-Amginsky Interfluve for the Production of Cast Alloys for Low-Temperature Purposes", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 945, pp. 639-644, 2019

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February 2019




* - Corresponding Author

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