Functional Galvanic Coatings of the Cr-Zn System


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The authors have studied the influence of the electric current density, temperature, electrolyte composition on the properties of electroplating Chromium-Zinc deposits. The dependence of the maximum yield of metal on the physico-chemical characteristics of the solutions for electroplating of Chromium and Cr-Zn alloy has been shown. Chromium-Zinc coatings have been obtained from electrolytes based on chromic acid in the presence of organic additive (4-methylaminophenol). Abrupt nonlinear changes in density, viscosity, surface tension, specific electrical conductivity due to structural transformations in electrolytes are observed at the concentration of zinc sulphate of 4070 gramm / litr (further in the text - g/l), and the organic additive of 2-5 g/l. The obtained model has been applied to predict the optimal electrolyte compositions for the processes of Cr-Zn alloy formation, which will allow reducing the research efforts concerning the electrochemical studies of the given process when chromic acid solutions are used. The coatings exhibit high hardness, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, low internal stresses.



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Dr. Denis Solovev




V.T. Fomichev et al., "Functional Galvanic Coatings of the Cr-Zn System", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 945, pp. 688-694, 2019

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February 2019




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