ISBN-13: 978-0-87849-488-0
Subtitle: - from Materials to Devices -
Authors / Editors: Z. Gaburro, P. Bettotti, N. Daldosso, M. Ghulinyan, D. Navarro-Urrios, M. Melchiorri, F. Riboli, M. Saiani, F. Sbrana and L. Pavesi
Pages: 260
Year: 2006
Edition: softcover
TOC: Table of contents

The use of light to channel signals around electronic chips could solve several current problems in microelectronic evolution including: power dissipation, interconnect bottlenecks, input/output from/to optical communication channels, poor signal bandwidth, etc. It is unfortunate that silicon is not a good photonic material: it has a poor light-emission efficiency and exhibits a negligible electro-optical effect. Silicon photonics is a field having the objective of improving the physical properties of silicon; thus turning it into a photonic material and permitting the full convergence of electronics and photonics.

Various research efforts, based upon the use of nano-sized silicon, are described in this book. The authors review the field and report the recent research results achieved in Trento.
The work is divided into the chapters: 1. Introduction, 2. Silicon nanocrystal fundamentals, 3. Nanoprobe technique to characterize Silicon nanocrystals, 4. Silicon-based light-emitting diode, 5. Optical gain in silicon and the quest for a silicon laser, 6. Er coupled Si nanocrystal optical amplifiers, 7. Design of silicon-based optical components, 8. Si-based waveguides, 9. Silicon-based photonic crystals, 10. Silicon-based complex dielectric systems.
This is, altogether, a unique summary of a pivotal issue in semiconductor research.

Review from Ringgold Inc., ProtoView: This work describes recent research on improving the physical properties of silicon and the use of nano-sized silicon. After an introduction on photonics and the measurement of light, chapters cover silicon nanocrystal fundamentals, nanoprobe techniques for characterizing silicon materials, silicon-based light-emitting diodes, optical gain in silicon and the quest for a silicon laser, design of silicon-based optical components, Si-based waveguides, silicon-based photonic crystals, and silicon-based complex dielectric systems. B&w images are included. There is no subject index.

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