Calcium Phosphate Based Bioceramics for Bone Tissue Engineering

Volume 48

doi: 10.4028/


Calcium Phosphate Based Bioceramics for Bone Tissue Engineering
Authors / Editors:
Sergey Barinov and Vladimir Komlev


Tissue engineering is a new biotechnology that combines various aspects of medicine, biology and engineering, in order to produce, repair or replace human tissue. It is therefore easy to grasp the potential of these new therapies in helping to improve the quality-of-life of patients suffering from rare diseases. Typically, bone tissue engineering approaches foresee the use of scaffolding material combined with tissue cells. An advanced scaffolding material for tissue engineering must exhibit high quality, reliability, sustainability and cost-effectiveness throughout the individual’s life and provide new advanced levels of medical assistance in therapy and surgery. One particular requirement of bone tissue engineering is that the scaffold should be porous because, in that form, large numbers of cells can be incorporated.

This book, “Calcium phosphate based bioceramics for bone tissue engineering”, presents an up-to-date overview of the latest developments made in the field of calcium phosphate ceramics, with particular emphasis being placed on the results obtained by its authors. The book makes a tour of the fundamental concepts of crystallo-chemistry, basic properties and synthesis techniques; including cation- and anion-substituted compounds. The technological aspects and properties of various related materials, such as ceramic granules, dense and porous ceramics, composites and bone cements, are also described. Finally, the results of key biological studies are presented.
This book will be essential reading material for anyone having an interest in either calcium phosphate biomaterials or bone tissue engineering methodologies.

Review from Ringgold Inc., ProtoView: The authors (both of the A.A. Baikov Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science, Russian Academy of Sciences) provide an overview of recent developments made in the field of calcium phosphate ceramic scaffolds for bone tissue engineering that emphasizes their own obtained results. After introducing the general concept of bone tissue engineering, they describe the structure of calcium orthophosphates and isomorphous substitutions; present synthesis and sintering methods, including their own synthesis of calcium phosphate nanoparticles and their investigation of thermal stability of substituted phosphates; describe calcium phosphate based granules, ceramics, composites, and cements, along with their results on the technology of porous ceramics, polymer-impregnated composites, and other materials; and present the results of a microstructural investigation of scaffolds and ex vivo tissue engineered bones by three dimensional techniques such as X-ray computer microtomography in reference to the kinetics of bone growth and the properties of engineered bone.

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