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Authors: M.S. Shamsudin, S.J. Fishlock, M. Rusop, S.M. Sanip, Suan Hui Pu
Abstract:Graphene has attracted wide interest across a range of applications due to its electrical, mechanical and optical properties. The use of a...
Authors: S. Nallusamy
Abstract:Now a days composite material plays an important role in many industrial applications due to their excellent mechanical properties. Presently...
Authors: S. Nallusamy, N. Manikanda Prabu
Abstract:Polymer composite with reinforced fiber is a remarkable development in the field of engineering materials. The applications of composite...
Authors: Ankur Soam, Kaushik Parida, A. Kumbhar, Rajiv Dusane
Abstract:A simple and low temperature approach has been used for the deposition of manganese oxide (MnO2) film and nanoparticles on silicon...
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