Tensile and Flexural Properties of MMT-Clay/ Unsaturated Polyester Using Robust Design Concept


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The effect of nanoclay on the mechanical properties of Isophthalic unsaturated polyester was studied with the help of robust design Concept. Organo modified MMT nanoclay (Nanomer 1.31PS) was used as reinforcement. The weight percentage of nanoclay, impeller blade design, mixing hours and mixing speed were taken as control factors. In Taguchi design of experiments, L9 orthogonal array was employed to investigate the effect of control factors on mechanical properties such as tensile and flexural strength. X-ray diffraction (XRD) and Atomic force microscopy (AFM) results show the intercalation /exfoliation of clays in the polyester matrix.



Nano Hybrids (Volume 2)

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N. Rajini et al., "Tensile and Flexural Properties of MMT-Clay/ Unsaturated Polyester Using Robust Design Concept", Nano Hybrids, Vol. 2, pp. 87-101, 2012

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August 2012


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