Nano Hybrids Vol. 5

Volume 5

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Libu Manjakkal, Katarina Cvejin, Jan Kulawik, Krzysztof Zaraska, Dorota Szwagierczak

Abstract: Fresh water deficiency caused by climate change calls for employing novel measures to ensure safety of drinking water supply. Wireless...

Authors: P.S. Sodhi, Sanjay Sahare, V. Naresh Kumar, A.K. Swarnkar, S.R. Jadkar, K. Balasubramanian, Tejashree M. Bhave

Abstract: The idea of generating electricity from plastics itself sounds enthralling, but it is equally challenging to achieve in the lab and then...

Authors: Sandip S. Magdum

Abstract: Recent nanotechnological revolution mandates astonishing imagination about future nanoworld. Nature has ability to create nanobiomolecules...

Authors: Himanshu Agarwal, Tejashree M. Bhave

Abstract: Hydrogen fuel cell generates electrical energy from the electrochemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen with water vapor as a by-product....

Authors: Sonai Seenithurai, Ramalingam Kodi Pandyan, Shanmugam Vinodh Kumar, Manickam Mahendran

Abstract: Graphene is the thinnest 2-D material which can be regarded as a single layer of graphite. The unique electrical, mechanical and optical...


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