Nano Hybrids and Composites Vol. 13

Volume 13

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Alexandr V. Shchegolkov, Boris S. Trufanov, Victor D. Hmyrov, Vyacheslav B. Kudenko, Yulia V. Guryanova, Dmitry V. Guryanov

Abstract: The present paper describes the results of the use of new technology of disinfection and processing of agricultural waste by carbon...

Authors: Tatyana P. Dyachkova, Irina V. Anosova, Evgeny V. Galunin, Natalia V. Orlova, Alexey G. Tkachev

Abstract: Pristine, catalyst-free and carboxylated carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and graphene nanoplatelets (GNPs) were modified with polyaniline via...

Authors: Tatiana P. Astafurova, Anastasia A. Burenina, Svetlana A. Suchkova, Al'bina P. Zotikova, Sergey P. Kulizhskiy, Yuri N. Morgalev

Abstract: The influence of ZnO and Pt nanoparticles’ suspensions (5 mg/kg of soil) on the yielding capacity and fruit quality of Cucumis...

Authors: Veronica V. Churilova, Anna A. Nazarova, Svetlana D. Polishchuk

Abstract: The article presents the influence of biopreparations containing nanoparticles of ferrum, cobalt and cuprum on fodder and red beets. We have...

Authors: Zinaida N. Ryabinina, Marija V. Ryabukhina, Maya V. Kolodina

Abstract: The article presents the results of a study of typical steppe phytocenoses presented one ecological and biological group - xeromesophyte but...

Authors: Sergey A. Pavlov, Natalia E. Sherstneva, Sergey L. Koryakin, Elena Yu. Maksimova, Valeriy V. Makovetskiy, Vladimir V. Krikushenko, Evgeniy M. Antipov

Abstract: Improving the efficiency of greenhouses is one of the most promising directions in development of agriculture. New perspectives in this...

Authors: Anastasia I. Piskaeva, Yuriy Yu. Sidorin, Alexander Yu. Prosekov

Abstract: The aim of this study was to examine and compare bactericidal properties of silver nanoparticles on strains isolated from poultry processing...

Authors: Andrey Yu. Kozlov, Maksim V. Dorogov, Natalya V. Chirkunova, Ilya M. Sosnin, Anatolii A. Vikarchuk, Aleksei E. Romanov

Abstract: This article described the photocatalysts for wastewater treatment based on copper oxide (II). Research results of CuO nanowhiskers...

Authors: Kristina K. Abdugaffarova, Maksim V. Dorogov, Anatolii A. Vikarchuk, Vlada V. Zabolotskikh, Vladislav S. Firsov

Abstract: This article presents the results of experimental obtaining together with tests of modifications of the granulated sorption...

Authors: Yurii P. Buzulukov, Ivan V. Gmoshinski, Anna A. Antsiferova, Vyacheslav A. Demin, Vladimir F. Demin, Pavel K. Kashkarov

Abstract: Using of silver nanoparticles in consumer goods and in medicine gives big benefits, but there is also the problem of their toxicity for...


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